Villa Houses

Luxury Rent Odessa Villa

The Villa house is located  . Resort part of a city.
Constructions of 2008.
Capacity up to 10 people.

The first line from the sea. In this place as there are bars, restaurants and discos. The place is name as Luzanovka.

 Luxury Odessa Rent Villa

  .The Villa is located in a resort zone of the city of Odessa. The house is located in city boundaries, in the silent cosy place, completely closed territory, but not around Arcadia. To a beach of 5 minutes of walking, to city centre of 30 minutes of driving on the car and 50 minutes of driving to Arcadia, night clubs. At your order there will be minibuses, ready you to serve at any time.Description:

Luxury Odessa Rent Villa

The Villa of new construction, in 2 floors, a total area Villa house almost 500 sq. m

The Villa is very beautiful, with the big ground and with pool. The house completely with conditioners, the big pool and a place that it was possible to sunbathe. The house is under protection 24 hours a day. It is completely isolated. To get on territory of this house to extraneous people it is impossible. In the house four bedrooms. In each bedroom there is a conditioner. New expensive furniture. The big pool. During winter time it as operating, is heating of water. A fine kind on the Odessa sea gulf. The house surrenders as daily rent, and is long. As in a winter season. At your service, the cook, the parlourmaid, the personal driver with the car.


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