Odessa – A pearl on the coast of the Black Sea.

Odessa is a very beautiful and jolly city. When you come here you shall not believe your eyes: sunny streets, fresh sea breeze, branchy chestnuts, monuments, parks, museums and magnificent architecture.

People of Odessa are very friendly, funny, communicative and open. There is a lot of beautiful women and men here. It is a great place to find a new friend and have fun.

Odessa is always celebrating something. The most popular holidays are New Year, Orthodox Christmas (the 7th of January), Humor Day (the 1st of April), May Day (the 1st – the 2nd of May), Easter, the Birthday of the city (the 2nd of September) and there are many other holidays and fiestas.

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The climate of Odessa is moderately continental and comparatively dry with more than 290 sunny days in the year in the South Ukraine (Black Sea coast, Crimea). Winter is short and mild with an average temperature of around freezing point. Falling snow and temperatures below minus 5 Celsius are rare. Summer is long and hot with an average temperature of 25 Celsius. Temperatures above 35 Celsius are quite often. A mild climate, plenty of beaches, and the Black Sea attract thousands of tourists to Odessa throughout the year, earning it the title of “Southern Palmyra.”
Odessa is an eating and drinking place. There are so many different cuisines, small and big restaurants, bars, national Ukrainian and even local dishes.

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Odessa is looking after itself and always in shape. You can find here pools, professional beauty saloons, fitness centers, ice-skating, rollers stadiums, Aqua Park and so on.

Good reason to see a performance at the world famous Opera House. The Opera House is interesting not only by its architecture, but by its rich creative history. The great merit in the development of musical culture in the south of Ukraine belongs to this theatre. P. Tchaikovsky, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, S. Rachmaninoff, Ezhen Izai, Pablo Sarasate and others performed their works at the famous Opera House.

You can spend your time on the Black Sea and to enjoy many beautiful Odessa beaches. Odessa’s beach, which actually is made up of several beaches running some 40 km or more, possesses a sea wall and small-scale eating and drinking establishments. During the summer, particularly the Lanzheron, Otrada, Delfin, Luzanovka, Fountain, Arkadia beaches are wall-to-wall people, but solitude seekers can find quiet by walking farther. The sandy beaches are ideal for swimming, sunbathing and water sports. You can have a very good boat or yacht journey to the open Sea.

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Odessa is famous for its nightlife. There are many nightclubs, disco clubs, casinos and entertainment places here. Especially in the summer, you can visit Arcadia or Luzanovka beaches where more than 20 different types of night clubs



Odessa – Places to Visit on Vacation

Christmas time in Odessa Ukraine


     The main actions will begin on December 31 on Dumskaya Square. In the beginning will congratulate the least inhabitants of Odessa – they will be addressed by Fathers Frost of the whole world. They promise to tell stories, to play an even to leave a gift.


The main concert program will begin at 21.00. Told one of organizers of action, the first the Odessa performers will appear on stage.


Аfter a congratulation of the president of Ukraine and the mayor Odessa, will step on the stage Vinnytsia vocal group. A concert will come to the end with a disco and the DJ parade who will last to three o’clock in the morning.


Between performances will pass competitions where will play prizes – from small appliances to plasma TVs in breaks! For those inhabitants of Odessa who prefer to meet New year of the home, will organize a live broadcast on the G-TV channel.


On Deribasovskaya Street present the biggest gingerbread, of 12 meters! Also on January 4 bicycle race of Fathers Frost is planned. They have to be passed from Pale- Royal through all city and return on Dumskaya Square. In completion of everything, till January 9, will pass Christmas concert programs in the City Gardens.

Beaches of the city of Odessa, in Ukraine.

The coast of the Black Sea with good beaches was stretched on 300 km along the city of Odessa. All most known and expensive beaches and recreation facilities for tourists are located in the city.

Also the most expensive apartments for tourists are right there located. Rent of apartments by the day in Odessa averages about 50-60 $ per day. City beaches begin from Landzheron and 6-7 km to Chernomorka region last. Most closer to the downtown are Landzheron and Otrada which are considered as the most ancient beaches of Odessa. These are elite areas. Rent of apartments in Odessa by the day near these beaches will be the most expensive at cost in the city (on average about 100 – 150 $ per day). Further there are Delphine and Arkadia beaches. They are well-known for excellent infrastructure and various entertaining institutions and noisy night life.

Behind them beaches of the Big Fountain, among them the smartest beach in Odessa Riviera on which also there is a mass of pleasure night institutions begin.

Near seaport of Odessa, to the left of it, the beach of Luzanovk which is the only natural sandy beach of the city begins. It is also very available area in the financial plan as the sea here quite dirty and it is far from the downtown. But here the set of night clubs, bars and restaurants that does this area popular among tourists is located.


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Odessa – unusually beautiful city. The favorable climate and the sea made this city the respectable resort and a place where it is possible to have a good time, rest and to receive well the mass of impressions and positive emotions, to be loaded with the atmosphere of humour and extraordinary power of inhabitants of Odessa.
If you plan to arrive to Odessa in the summer, of course you are waited by the warm southern sea, pleasure sea walks, entertainments on summer platforms of night clubs, walks across Deribasovskaya and they are all that you will wish because there is a lot of vacation spots in Odessa.

Of course for any tourist the question Odessa Accommodation is actual.
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