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If you plan to arrive and have a vacation for the coast, the Black Sea to the city of Odessa, in Ukraine. We want to offer you beautiful, new apartments, which close to a beach, and popular night clubs, in Arkadia Odessa, only 10 minutes of walking on foot. We offer apartments with one bedroom, two bedrooms and three bedrooms.

All our apartments in Arkadia Odesse have the free Internet of wi fi. Book our apartments in Arkadia Odessa in Ukraine with a magnificent view on the sea and the coast of a beach, also located a set of restaurants and bars which in summertime of year, work day and night.The beach of Arkadia in Odessa, is located in 10 minutes of walking from our apartments and deservedly it is considered one of the main sights of the city. In all apartments in Arkadia Odesse there is a new and convenient furniture, balconies, all necessary for comfortable stay. Our apartments are safe. Houses in which apartments in Arkadia are located, protected 24
hours per day.We provide also services of a transfer for our clients.


Vacation Rentals in Odessa, Ukraine 2015

                                        LUXURY VILLA HOUSE ODESSA UKRAINE

Falling of hryvnia exchange rate at the end of 2014 caused so sharp falling of the prices of rent across all Ukraine and in Odessa in particular. The prices of some offers fell twice. The prices of rent of elite real estate, the house and Willa, considerably fell in Odessa. Now the situation is dictated by tenants, and owners should do them discounts, after all differently they can’t hand over the objects at all. Now in fully measure it is difficult to predict a situation in the Odessa market of rent real estate in 2015. However, one is clear: The exchange, rate of Hryvnia in the Ukrainian bank in relation to American dollar grew, thus, also the rent prices in Odessa fall.

In comparison with 2013, the season for rest in Odessa will be much cheaper for guests and tourists. villas and houses presented in our catalog will be with a good discount for your budget.

When looking for private Rent apartments in Arcadia Odessa, one needs to focus certain aspects. There are rental luxury villa house in Odessa Ukraine used for tourist accommodation purpose. These are no ordinary villas but great options to talk about. These are luxury villas with all the luxury amenities and facilities. The first thing to consider is the location. How well placed is the villa? What is the exact location? Is it provides a great view of the ocean? How far away is it from the actual town? Try to sort out these questions properly. Next, it is necessary to focus on the rental rates. Most of the luxury villas have an expensive rental rate associated with them.

Odessa – Places to Visit on Vacation

Christmas time in Odessa Ukraine

     The main actions will begin on December 31 on Dumskaya Square. In the beginning will congratulate the least inhabitants of Odessa – they will be addressed by Fathers Frost of the whole world. They promise to tell stories, to play an even to leave a gift.


The main concert program will begin at 21.00. Told one of organizers of action, the first the Odessa performers will appear on stage.


Аfter a congratulation of the president of Ukraine and the mayor Odessa, will step on the stage Vinnytsia vocal group. A concert will come to the end with a disco and the DJ parade who will last to three o’clock in the morning.


Between performances will pass competitions where will play prizes – from small appliances to plasma TVs in breaks! For those inhabitants of Odessa who prefer to meet New year of the home, will organize a live broadcast on the G-TV channel.


On Deribasovskaya Street present the biggest gingerbread, of 12 meters! Also on January 4 bicycle race of Fathers Frost is planned. They have to be passed from Pale- Royal through all city and return on Dumskaya Square. In completion of everything, till January 9, will pass Christmas concert programs in the City Gardens.


look Odessa Video Tour.

Rent Apartments Odessa

Odessa Region Video Tour
Historical places of interest. Video Tour “ODESSA REGION” acquaints with the history and nature of this European part of the world,guides on tourist routes from one time to another? from one Landscape to another. ODESSA REGION is located in the Northwest Black Sea Coast. It is the Largest region of Ukraine. Administrative, cultural, historical center of the region – the city of Odessa is a port city, the “southern capital” of Ukraine.

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Visit Odessa Ukraine – Beach Vacation.

The beach season in Odessa lasts about 4 months: from the middle of May on September. At this time water temperature at coast happens from 17-18 till 24-25 a hail. During the summer sharp and fast cold snaps of water when in few hours water temperature falls on 8 – 10 degrees that connect with cold currents from depth of the sea are several times noted and only in some days water gets warm up to the summer temperature again.

Odessa is famous for the beaches, there is a lot of them, and the coastline from Lanzheron to Kowalewski’s dacha represents, in fact, one continuous beach. A combination of steppe and sea climates, a large number of clear, sunny days, unique salty reservoirs – estuaries, abundance of vegetables and fruit – all this creates exclusive conditions for strengthening of health here. The Odessa resort  area is in favorable for rest and treatment of the district. The central part of the city occupies the flat plateau which is towering above sea level on some tens meters and coolly breaking to the sea from the northeast. Rest houses and sanatoria are in the basic on the top part of a plateau, further there are partially improved steep slopes, and on the seashore there are 3 most known beach and resort zones: Lanzheron, Otrada and Arkadia – with numerous entertaining institutions, and also points of food and trade. Intervals between these zones are arranged less well, but also are used, as beaches. Beaches are covered generally with sand, sometimes pebble, or laid by stone plates and most often represent quite narrow strip over which breaks from calcareous rocks hang low (meters 10).

For tourists and city visitors Odessa we offer comfortable apartments by the sea. In Arkadia and other beaches in Odessa,for every taste and the budget. Welcome to Odessa.

For tourists and city visitors Odessa we offer comfortable apartments by the sea. In Arkadia and other beaches in Odessa, for every taste and the budget. Welcome to Odessa.

Beaches of the city of Odessa, in Ukraine.

The coast of the Black Sea with good beaches was stretched on 300 km along the city of Odessa. All most known and expensive beaches and recreation facilities for tourists are located in the city.

Also the most expensive apartments for tourists are right there located. Rent of apartments by the day in Odessa averages about 50-60 $ per day. City beaches begin from Landzheron and 6-7 km to Chernomorka region last. Most closer to the downtown are Landzheron and Otrada which are considered as the most ancient beaches of Odessa. These are elite areas. Rent of apartments in Odessa by the day near these beaches will be the most expensive at cost in the city (on average about 100 – 150 $ per day). Further there are Delphine and Arkadia beaches. They are well-known for excellent infrastructure and various entertaining institutions and noisy night life.

Behind them beaches of the Big Fountain, among them the smartest beach in Odessa Riviera on which also there is a mass of pleasure night institutions begin.

Near seaport of Odessa, to the left of it, the beach of Luzanovk which is the only natural sandy beach of the city begins. It is also very available area in the financial plan as the sea here quite dirty and it is far from the downtown. But here the set of night clubs, bars and restaurants that does this area popular among tourists is located.

Luxury Car for Rent in Odessa,Ukraine.

Dear city visitors Odessa. If you want to rent a car in Odessa, our company suggests you to feel pleasure of a driving on this Mercedes.

Restayling of 2010 from S63AMG, black skin, the 4th zonal Klim control, ventilation and Heating before them – back seats, a panoramic roof, a night image, a rear-view camera, a pneumosuspension bracket, the parctronic, bi-xenon, an electroluggage carrier, blinds at windows of back doors, an outdent of doors, DVD, a stereosystem of Harman Kardon Logic7 .

Ukraine Vacation Rentals: Villas, Homes, Houses.


Find and book your perfect vacation rental with visit2odessa. 

The city of Odessa – the city of humour, entertainments, heat and sun known and desired for many guests – the Southern resort of Ukraine – located on the coast of the Black Sea

Coming to Odessa, as the tourist, the guest or on affairs, practically everyone after a while placements, falls in love in our charming and the beautiful city. To feel all charm of life in our resort, temporarily being in Odessa, it is only possible to rent the house and a villa in Odessa Ukraine.

Rent of the houses or villas in Odessa from our company it is favorable and convenient, in every respect, without intermediaries and additional expenses, directly.

Daily Rent Apartment in Odessa Ukraine

Positive sides which are possessed by daily rent  apartment in Odessa Ukraine. Odessa enjoys wide popularity and as in any large city, services in delivery of apartments are widely presented to employment here. Below we will talk about advantages of rent of the apartment in Odessa by the day. Coming to our city, you shouldn’t think of accommodation conditions, the most important is correct to make a choice. One of the main advantages of daily rent of the apartment consists in financial side of business. Rent of the apartment in Odessa by the day will manage significantly cheaper, than rent of a hotel room. The tenant pays only rent of the apartment, but not number of berths as it is accepted in hotels. In certain cases the cost of daily rent can be twice cheaper, than hotel rent. The second positive moment of the apartment rented by the day is that in it the most comfortable conditions for accommodation are created. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary household appliances and ware. In all apartments there are washing machines, DVD players and so on. That else this its convenient arrangement is important for the rented apartment in Odessa by the day. As a rule, such apartments are located in the central parts of the city. The cosiness and comfort created by careful owners of housing will allow you to spend some days in others city in a habitual house situation. Such option, as will help not to sadden stay by housing problem: to rent apartment by the day. Odessa brings to attention city visitors not only the budgetary apartments, there is a wide choice of the apartments executed in modern style, pleased state-of-the-art. Except all above-mentioned, the apartments let differ in the big area that you won’t tell about hotel rooms in which sometimes and things there is no place to spread out. As one more positive moment it is possible to call simplicity of rent of the apartment. To rent apartments in Odessa by the day, unlimited time is possible. Information on the tenant remains at the owner of real estate and isn’t subject to publicity. So, daily rent of apartments provides a convenient arrangement, quite acceptable price, nondisclosure of information, comfort and convenience.