Arkadia Odessa vacation rentals

Arkadia Odessa vacation rentals.


Daily Rent Apartment in Odessa Ukraine

Positive sides which are possessed by daily rent  apartment in Odessa Ukraine. Odessa enjoys wide popularity and as in any large city, services in delivery of apartments are widely presented to employment here. Below we will talk about advantages of rent of the apartment in Odessa by the day. Coming to our city, you shouldn’t think of accommodation conditions, the most important is correct to make a choice. One of the main advantages of daily rent of the apartment consists in financial side of business. Rent of the apartment in Odessa by the day will manage significantly cheaper, than rent of a hotel room. The tenant pays only rent of the apartment, but not number of berths as it is accepted in hotels. In certain cases the cost of daily rent can be twice cheaper, than hotel rent. The second positive moment of the apartment rented by the day is that in it the most comfortable conditions for accommodation are created. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary household appliances and ware. In all apartments there are washing machines, DVD players and so on. That else this its convenient arrangement is important for the rented apartment in Odessa by the day. As a rule, such apartments are located in the central parts of the city. The cosiness and comfort created by careful owners of housing will allow you to spend some days in others city in a habitual house situation. Such option, as will help not to sadden stay by housing problem: to rent apartment by the day. Odessa brings to attention city visitors not only the budgetary apartments, there is a wide choice of the apartments executed in modern style, pleased state-of-the-art. Except all above-mentioned, the apartments let differ in the big area that you won’t tell about hotel rooms in which sometimes and things there is no place to spread out. As one more positive moment it is possible to call simplicity of rent of the apartment. To rent apartments in Odessa by the day, unlimited time is possible. Information on the tenant remains at the owner of real estate and isn’t subject to publicity. So, daily rent of apartments provides a convenient arrangement, quite acceptable price, nondisclosure of information, comfort and convenience.


Odessa Region Video Tour
Historical places of interest. Video Tour “ODESSA REGION” acquaints with the history and nature of this European part of the world,guides on tourist routes from one time to another? from one Landscape to another. ODESSA REGION is located in the Northwest Black Sea Coast. It is the Largest region of Ukraine. Administrative, cultural, historical center of the region – the city of Odessa is a port city, the “southern capital” of Ukraine.

Luxury Apartment for Rent in Odessa,Ukraine.

When you come to Odessa Ukraine,you have a rest tourists or to work businessmen, before them there is a problem of search of comfortable housing. Luxury modern hotels cost fabulous money, and not always the price corresponds to quality. Rent of the elite apartment by the day in Odessa can become good alternative to hotel. Such option will satisfy even the most exacting client.

40 % of all real estate in Odessa make elite apartments. Prices of rent of such apartments rather high. But it is possible to find comfortable, prestigious, with fashionable design, in a convenient place the apartment for quite real money. Thus as much it is necessary to pay for number of middle class in hotel. But, getting the apartment of an elite class in rent, you receive comfortable and cozy housing for the period of stay in the capital. Such apartments have the situation issued by fashionable designers, magnificent furniture, modern household appliances. They settle down in the prestigious central regions of the city.

Elite apartments in Odessa for daily rent happen three classes.
The highest class A+ represents apartments in houses which are monuments of architecture and are in historical part of the city of Odessa. And, existence of a parking, spacious apartments, free planning and the developed infrastructure surely. These are the most expensive apartments which can be rented in Odessa.

Apartments of a class A are located in the center and other elite districts of the city of Odessa. They also assume parking spaces, euro repair, stylish furniture, existence of several rooms. Rent of such apartments costs much cheaper.

The class B is the class of elite apartments, last on level. They are located in the modern, new houses located in Arkady Odess by the sea. Existence of a parking and infrastructure obligatory. Elite apartments of a class B can be rented for reasonable prices.

Travel Odessa Ukraine : Excursions and Tours

Sights of Odessa is the real creation of architectural art, bewitching the beauty. Odessa is really amazing city, here connects not combinable, here the Ukrainian steppe meets the Black Sea, there live witty and cheerful people. Having visited Ukraine, and without having visited Odessa – inexcusable omission. Planning the rest, plan at least day for acquaintance to Odessa.


During excursion you will get acquainted with monuments of architecture and architecture: opera and ballet theater, Odessa Philharmonic hall, monument to the duke de Richelieu; make walk on ancient city streets: Deribasovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Lanzheronovsky, Rishelyevsky; you will walk on cozy Primorsky Boulevard and Aleksandrovsky park. To your look the view of marina and the Potemkinsky ladder and other sights of the city will open.

Primorsky Boulevard
Primorsky Boulevard – one of the most popular and central streets of Odessa, a favourite place for walks not only locals, but also city visitors. On Primorsk the boulevard such sights as are located, was earlier told, the Potemkinsky ladder, and also a monument to Duc de Richelieu, a frigate gun “Tiger”, City Council, a monument to Pushkin, the Vorontsov Palace. Primorsky Boulevard was built at the beginning of the XIX century and Nikolayevsky Boulevard carried the name. From the boulevard the beautiful view of the sea and Marina opens.

Deribasovskaya Street
One of the central and popular streets of Odessa, as well as Primorsky Boulevard, a favourite place for walks and locals, and visitors. The carriageway of this street is laid out by a stone blocks, and driving through it is forbidden. On this street the gardens, Utochkino movie theater and numerous restaurants and cafe are located. One of founders of the city opened – Duc de Richelieu. Deribasovskaya Street. On Deribasovskaya Street it is possible to get from Primorsky Boulevard.

Luxury Holiday Villa Rentals Odessa,Ukraine.

You want to arrange romantic travel to a legendary Pearl of the Black Sea, in Odessa which will be remembered well? Then, for a full freedom of action, you need to rent Luxury Villa in Odessa by the day,

Directly from the airport or the station you will be able to go on the chosen Villa in Odessa. Having unpacked things, to swim in the pool, having taken a shower after the road and having had a rest, safely go on a meeting to adventures! Visit one of numerous beaches, glance in cozy art cafe. Most likely, you want to give a gift for your girl. Then it is worth visiting one of the well-known Odessa jewelry stores. And visit of theater or the Odessa philharmonic hall will make unforgettable impression and will force to plunge into the culture and esthetics world,

Luxury real estate,villas and houses in Odessa Ukraine for rent and free booking from local owner.

We offer services for travellers in Odessa: apartments rental, luxury villa rental, taxi and personal driver, tours and excursions, any type of entertainment, etc. «Visit 2 Odessa» is an incoming tour operator project in Odessa, Ukraine.


In our catalog on Villa’s rent and Houses you will find a wide choice of the offer of real estate on rent in Odessa Ukraine, with the best prices and service.

Ideas for Odessa Accommodation Options

Every year thousands of people from many countries visit to Ukraine. Tourists commonly come from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Belarus in summer. It is the best season to spend on the beach side enjoying the warm sun.


If you are planning to arrange your next trip to Odessa, booking a hotel room is the most important thing for you. Nowadays hotels in Odessa cater the best service to the people in the best possible manner. However, there are many alternative to hotels.


Renting an apartment is one of the most popular options available for you. You can also rent an apartment even for 1 or 2 days only. This is a convenient option for you.



You will get a variety of accommodation choices in Odessa. As the city is a major tourist destination and millions of people keep coming every year there are many accommodation outlets has established here.

The hotels in Odessa Ukraine are considered to be among the best in Europe. Here you will avail many options starting from budget choices to expensive Odessa hotels. However, Odessa apartments have been always a great choice for all kinds of travelers coming here. Travel Company offers big number of apartments from simple to VIP classes. Our main motto is to satisfy the client. Our professional staffs will help you with any private and business needs. If you are looking for Odessa apartments, there is nothing easier than booking them on our site.

What Makes Odessa Accommodation so Interesting and Special?

Ukraine is a beautiful country and is also a favorite destination among international travelers. Being an interesting place, travelers love to frequent the country and stay here for some time to be a part of its rich history and culture.



Accommodation has never been an issue in this part of the world. One can get accommodations or rent an apartment. Odessa accommodation is popular among them and is the hot favorite among travelers. There are plenty of attractions and places for sightseeing that do compel the travelers to come again and again and to recommend the others to visit the country. Proper accommodation, combined with good food and entertainment is sure to relax the moods of the travelers. Moreover, the apartments here are unique and offer different type of experience. In short, the traveler is sure not to miss his home, while staying here.

The best part of hiring Odessa apartment rentals is that they are affordable and easily accessible. There are plenty of options for the individuals to avail here. Since, this place is always filled up with tourists, individuals interested to visit are recommended to get their bookings done in advance, so that they can be relaxed on arrival and also avail the discounts that are often put for advance booking. The website does offer all the relevant information in regards to the apartment size, what does it consists, facilities provided, and other important things that would be required to make the trip a complete success and entertaining.