How to become rich, give to rent apartments.

Airbnb online service, not the first, started offering travelers, to choose the room or the apartment for rent worldwide. However, owners of Airbnb this year, appeared in the list of the richest people of Forbes. In it there is nothing surprising – more than 30 million people used the services Airbnb in 6 years of existence. And two thirds from them – 20 million rented rooms and apartments last year. And the more so it isn’t surprising that Airbnb is now much more expensive than 10 billion dollars. The company was estimated at this sum a year ago, in April, 2014.
All secret in a special technique of photography of premises for placement on the site. In the staff of the company there are more than one thousand professional photographers who leave to persons interested to lease the apartment free of charge do them to a photo.

When business reflected, his founders made the right assumption that except the description of the leased housing, in such business as rent of a living space, it is very important as pictures are taken. Now the creative director Andrew Shapiro is responsible for it. By the way, Cheski and Gebbia (owners of Airbnb) – designers by profession and quite often take part in creative process.
The whole management to photography which contains numerous requirements is developed for photographers of Airbnb. First of all, it, of course, reliability, accuracy and maximum informational content. The most important – the picture of the apartment has to create a high emotional spirit which will help to convince him that he all life dreamed to stop in this place at the traveler.

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