Beaches of the city of Odessa, in Ukraine.

The coast of the Black Sea with good beaches was stretched on 300 km along the city of Odessa. All most known and expensive beaches and recreation facilities for tourists are located in the city.

Also the most expensive apartments for tourists are right there located. Rent of apartments by the day in Odessa averages about 50-60 $ per day. City beaches begin from Landzheron and 6-7 km to Chernomorka region last. Most closer to the downtown are Landzheron and Otrada which are considered as the most ancient beaches of Odessa. These are elite areas. Rent of apartments in Odessa by the day near these beaches will be the most expensive at cost in the city (on average about 100 – 150 $ per day). Further there are Delphine and Arkadia beaches. They are well-known for excellent infrastructure and various entertaining institutions and noisy night life.

Behind them beaches of the Big Fountain, among them the smartest beach in Odessa Riviera on which also there is a mass of pleasure night institutions begin.

Near seaport of Odessa, to the left of it, the beach of Luzanovk which is the only natural sandy beach of the city begins. It is also very available area in the financial plan as the sea here quite dirty and it is far from the downtown. But here the set of night clubs, bars and restaurants that does this area popular among tourists is located.

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