Travel Odessa Ukraine : Excursions and Tours

Sights of Odessa is the real creation of architectural art, bewitching the beauty. Odessa is really amazing city, here connects not combinable, here the Ukrainian steppe meets the Black Sea, there live witty and cheerful people. Having visited Ukraine, and without having visited Odessa – inexcusable omission. Planning the rest, plan at least day for acquaintance to Odessa.


During excursion you will get acquainted with monuments of architecture and architecture: opera and ballet theater, Odessa Philharmonic hall, monument to the duke de Richelieu; make walk on ancient city streets: Deribasovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Lanzheronovsky, Rishelyevsky; you will walk on cozy Primorsky Boulevard and Aleksandrovsky park. To your look the view of marina and the Potemkinsky ladder and other sights of the city will open.

Primorsky Boulevard
Primorsky Boulevard – one of the most popular and central streets of Odessa, a favourite place for walks not only locals, but also city visitors. On Primorsk the boulevard such sights as are located, was earlier told, the Potemkinsky ladder, and also a monument to Duc de Richelieu, a frigate gun “Tiger”, City Council, a monument to Pushkin, the Vorontsov Palace. Primorsky Boulevard was built at the beginning of the XIX century and Nikolayevsky Boulevard carried the name. From the boulevard the beautiful view of the sea and Marina opens.

Deribasovskaya Street
One of the central and popular streets of Odessa, as well as Primorsky Boulevard, a favourite place for walks and locals, and visitors. The carriageway of this street is laid out by a stone blocks, and driving through it is forbidden. On this street the gardens, Utochkino movie theater and numerous restaurants and cafe are located. One of founders of the city opened – Duc de Richelieu. Deribasovskaya Street. On Deribasovskaya Street it is possible to get from Primorsky Boulevard.

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